Talk about MENSTRUATION : Unhide the Hidden Shame

According to our Societal and Cultural norms, it is Shameful and Embarrassing to discuss “Menstruation” publicly or even in a healthy way. The subject matter still remains a taboo in India. Why?

I believe it is the most common phenomenon that a female body undergoes every month. It’s surprising to notice that very few boys and men are familiar with this very concept of menstruation in females. On the same side, it’s strange to know that females in themselves are ashamed of talking about this natural process which acts as a hurdle for the advancement of knowledge on the subject.

So let’s break this taboo and expand our horizon of mind and thoughts to learn what Menstruation is all about? Menstruation, generally referred as periods is 2-7 days monthly cycle in woman, discharging blood and tissue from the uterus through vagina. The cycle is controlled by hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Each month as the cycle begins the level of estrogen tends to rise and the lining of the womb thickens. Her eggs prepare themselves to be fertilized and travel through Fallopian tube to uterus. If an egg is not fertilized i.e. woman is not pregnant it breaks apart, dropping hormone levels and shedding the lining of the uterus. This is what results in monthly bleeding.

It’s all Biology and a very natural process that each woman has to undergo to shed out the waste their body no longer requires and as a part of their reproductive health; then why should we feel embarrassed to converse on such issue? Why it feels weird to ask for an extra pad from mate? Why it is always kept as a matter of secrecy? Why can’t it be discussed with the guys? After all, they were born and living this life just because of this beautiful process. They are also the part of the process. Then what actually makes us feel uncomfortable?

I ponder a lot of embarrassment and discomfort amongst us regarding periods is that our society deems it to be socially unacceptable to talk about it aloud. The phenomenon is even surrounded by numerous illogical beliefs and myths. Women are considered to be dirty and impure during this interval resulting into their exclusion from various aspects of socio-cultural life.

Since decades, “India is a developing country” and the statement will surely remain identical if we don’t take a step forward to get these illogical dogmas out of the society. We desire and demand a change in the society; we want to be educated. So let me remind you, change does not come with just a simple “Wish” it comes through a bold “Action” by each individual in the community.
I read somewhere, “when problems of MENSTRUATION are discussed as easily, widely and frequently as MENSURATION then only the country will be considered Educated”.
Now, I don’t mean that you walk freely telling each one about how heavy your flow is or creating a fuss out of it but don’t even hesitate and feel weird if you need to. Don’t feel awkward about it. Your Periods are nothing to feel ashamed of nor is it the matter you need to hide.

In conclusion, I would just say, Yes; PERIODS are painful, are messy, are stinky but Yes, they are the symbol of strength in woman. We surely don’t love it but we can’t just hate it too. So feel proud to have it and to be the part of it. JUST UNHIDE THE HIDDEN SHAME BEHIND IT.



  1. A great try to overcome this Taboo. Splendid Thoughts , just love it !!

  2. Agree fully with the point laid out here! Messy, stinky as much it is.. It's crucial for existence of life.
    Just loved the way the whole thing is presented. This taboo needs to be broken.


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